Sunday, August 2, 2009

Product Review : MMC's Oh , so Flawless Foundation Quads

There is one thing that us women are continuously looking for is the perfect foundation that is going to blend with our skin tone , blend effortlessly and most of all give us that flawless finish.
Being in the Beauty Business for close to 15 years now , I have tried just about every foundation known to man , and I love many of them , but when I set out to create my very own line , I wanted to make sure that all of MMC's products were up to par. I have very high standards of what and how things should be like and MakeUp is at the very Top.
MMC's Oh , so Flawless Foundation Quads are the epitemy of having fresh looking skin. If your skin is normal , dry , oily or combination your skin is going to love these fabulous four. They are available in four different color combinations : 1 is the Light , 2 is the Golden ,3 is the Cocoa and 4 is the Dark. Each were color co-ordinated for Light , Medium , Dark and Deep Dark skintones. Now you can create your very own customizeable shade right at your fingertips. Each Foundation Quad is $30.00 or purchase all four including a Foundation Brush @ $96.00.
Check them out and You will not be disappointed. All are Creamy in texture and dry to powder.
Watch my upcoming Video and Learn how easy it is to go from blah to fafa-fab-u-loso !!!
Much Love ,
E xoxo

Beauti Straight out the Fridge-a-dare .... Part 1 Your Tresses !!!

Beauty nowadays can cost you a pretty penny , but it may not have to if you simply look inside your kitchen. The most ancient beauty secrets come straight out of your fridge-a-dare. These are some simple and easy tricks to do to keep your hair , face and body looking young , flawless and fabulous .....

For your HAIR :
Is your tresses feeling a bit crunchy , dead at the ends , lost it's lustre or over -processed ? Well apply these simple beauti tips to your regimen and unlock the secret to gorgeous hair minus chemical treatments.

You will need : An avocado , a towel and a heat lamp or a hair dryer.

Avocado : has essentially fatty acids that are deeply hydrating.

What you need to do : Mash one up , massage it through your locks ( yeah , I know it may seem awfully messy but trust me it works ) wrap your hair up in a towel ( one that you just use when you give yourself these beauty treatments ) and sit under a heat lamp or use a hair dryer for 10 minutes. I don't own a heat lamp but my hairdryer works just as good. After it's been in your hair , jump in the shower and rinse as much as you can out , follow it by using a moisturizing shampoo , I personally love Terax's Miele or Collogene because it lathers beautifully , smells fantastic and keeps your hair feeling clean and lustrous. Follow it by using a moisturizing conditioner as well , which BTW I Love Terax's Crema : If you haven't tried this , you must .... You MUST.


What you will need : EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil ) , a plastic shower cap ( if it's lined , even better ) a towel and a hairclip.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Olive Oil is nature’s moisturizer. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (EVOO), is a great way to add moisture as a pre-shampoo treatment for relaxed and natural African-American hair. It’s also a great way to add some moisture to the scalp during winter months and summer months as well. I use this treatment all year round.I love it. It keeps my hair healthy and restores moisture & shine. Here is a way to moisturize & condition your hair with EVOO.

What you need to do :

1. Get a plastic bottle with a spout & fill up your bottle to use your EVOO specifically for your Beauti Needs.
2. Wrap a towel over you shoulders
3. Using a comb section you hair into four parts , take your olive oil and saturate that section and
4. Hold the ends of your hair and coat with EVOO. Twist ends & secure loosely or against the scalp with clip.
5. Repeat the same steps with remaining three sections of hair.
6.Once your hair is done, place a plastic cap over your head. Wrap head with towel from shoulders to capture heat.
Leave it on for 1-3 hours before your shampoo. I usually leave this on overnight for extra moisture .

Lastly , when you rinse it out , start by rinsing with warm water , then follow by your shampoo , you are going to notice how soft in texture your hair has become. It's so worth it and hope you all will try it out !!!

Stay Tuned for More Beauti Straight out the Fridge-a-dare soon , next TOPIC : FACE !!!

Much Love ,

E xoxo

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bathing Beauties : Summer Sunkissed Glow and some Mommi Observations !!!

Is it me , or does summer just make you want to look like a sunkissed bathing beauty ? I know I do !!! Today I took my M3 to the pool for the first time this summer with being so busy , I said to heck with it , make time to take my little angels to the pool and watch them enjoy being a 7 , 6 and 3 1/2 year old play , splash and laugh. The joys of motherhood , reliving your childhood through those crystal pools I call their eyes. What a fantastic time I had with my babies and what a glow it brought back to my skin , I felt rejuvenated just by watching them play !!! And being the glama-mama that I like to be , I so enjoy sun - glamma -ing it up when we go on these outings , not a whole lotta makeup , but I do like to put on some bronzer , give my skin a luminous glow with MMC's Liquid Light in Champagne , sweep on a shimmery beige nude shadow on the lids , line them up with a little black liner and two coats a H20 proof Black mascara , Oh and yes some nude glossy gloss and I am good. It stays on the whole time and I feel a lil Glamorous as well.....

The one thing I have noticed being a mother of 3 is that we cannot lose ourselves in the sheer fact of being a mom , that is not our only title. We are wives, daughters , sisters , friends, nurses , chauffeurs , cooks , maids , handy women , day and party planners , what don't we do or try to take care of. I feel it is our duty not just as moms but as women that we take care of ourselves and teach our daughters as well the importance of wanting to feel good , I mean fantastic about ourselves. We are the creators of their self image , they learn what we show them. Taking pride in our appearances , our mannerisms , the way we deal with people only creates an outlet for them to be our lil mini me's. I want to instill in my children to value themselves as human beings , to share their beautiful personalities with the world, not to fear the world around us , to stand up for themselves when they feel wronged , to never judge a book by it's cover and to never do unto other's as you would do unto you.

I had read a quote by Elvis Presley years ago and it goes a lil something like this , ' Don't criticize what you don't understand son, bc you've never walked in that man's shoes .'

I think this speaks a million times over. I think that as people , it's human nature to want to talk about each other and do the whole gossip thing but it's so unhealthy and unnecessary . Imagine having it done to you . I think we as women should take two steps back and learn to be more accepting of each other , empower each other and not criticize each other for lil flaws or weaknesses that we have, we all have them , right ??? It is so easy for us to knock each other down out of jealousy or envy , do we not have anything better to do than to do this I ask you ?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Channel Your Inner Artist !!!

MakeUp RULES .... What rules ??? What fun would creating something be if you had to follow rules ? I believe the same applies for makeup. Painting your face , playing with color , glamming it out with lashes , apply it by the mood your in , to the outfit your wearing.

Whether you are going for a sultry smokey siren or bronzed island mama look , remember to makeup your own rules !!! Makeup has to be fun , not be taken too seriously. Following the season's trends is great but putting your spin on it makes it that much better.

Go on , get creative with your bold eye popping eyeshadows , liner and pigments , break out that bright fuschia lipgloss you bought and haven't dared to wear , buy some Ardell Wispies and channel that inner artist , your inner DIVA !!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MMC's BrushBelts worn by Kandee The MakeUp Artist

So , I had the pleasure of speaking with the Ever Fabulous Kandee the MakeUp Artist , and as sweet as she is on her YouTube videos she is in person. Though we have not met in person yet , we have spoken on the phone and she is such a sweetheart. No Joke. That contagious laugh and smile that she carries makes me wanna smile too A week and a half ago she had her First Glaminars in Cali and she was kind enough to wear MMC’s Pro BrushBelt $29.00 as seen in this picture below. OMG was my reaction when I saw the picture of her wearing my very own Brushbelt on her teenie tiny waist. Way cool …. It was a real treat for me to see this and to get a lil taste of Kandee , if you haven’t check her out , run go to : There are few people that you get to come across in this lifetime that genuinely touch your heart , she is definitely one of those people that has touched me…. Much Love to Ms. Kandee ))

Much Love and Success to you all ,


Let Him Just Kiss It Off ... MMC's Party of 4 LipGloss Quads

" You Got to Pucka Your Lips Like Dis " …..

I don’t know about you but there is nothing sexier and more alluring than a sexy , pouty luscious lip , the kind that makes him want to just kiss it off. MMC’s Party of 4 LipGloss Quads with Mini Pink Lip Brush ( $24.00 ) are deliciously sweet, french vanilla scented high shine glosses that offer a long-lasting lacquer-like shine with a delicious taste in the prettiest most flattering shades. Packaged in a handy professional wheel of 4 great shades these glosses are enriched with antioxidant Vitamins C and E.

MMC Party of 4 LipGloss Quads in Scandalous
Shades : Top ( Lou Lou and Petal )
Bottom : ( Remake and Enchanted )

MMC Oh, so Glossy Lip Glosses are formulated to give extreme shine with a stay put application slightly tacky therefore longlasting.
Paraben Free with Vitamin E added. Oh , so Glossy lipglosses stay on longer than any other lipgloss and retains colour so is great for bridal beauty and any other special event you may have.

Added bonus these LipGloss Quads are also available in Single LipGloss Wands , so if you like just one particular shade more than the other , just get one !

To my delight , The Ever Fabulous Kandee demonstrating MMC’s Party of 4 LipGloss Quads to her audience at her Glaminars this past week in a half. Thank you Ms. Kandee again
Check her out @ : !!!
Kandee Johnson : The Ever Fabulous MakeUp Artist :)

Kandee showing the MMC LipQuad in Scandalous !!!
Check them out at : find some great deals if you buy 2 or more.
They are going fast so get your hands on them quick !!!

Much Love ,


Lip Gloss Ingredients: Polybutene, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Candellila Wax, Vitamin E Acetate oil, Sunscreen, Propyl Paraben. Fragrance. May contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, D&C Red #7, D&C Red #6, Iron Oxide Red, Ultra Marine Blue, Iron Oxide Yellow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

FaFa- Fabulous Eyes Monster Palette

As a MUA and being on set , on a shoot , dolling up my brides everyone is always asking me , " Where did you get that or where can I get that ? " So I decided to make a palette that has all the essential shades and a few extras in between. 28 shades of neutrals , browns , peaches , plums and a fafa-fabulous matte black to intensify any look. These palettes come in handy I think because having so many single shadows loose can get confusing. Where is my vanilla or where did my matte black go? This way they are all perfectly placed and in color- coordinated form.
Excellent for any MUA , every woman that loves to have all these fabulous shades at her disposal. Who wouldn't want this palette ? It's been a hit so far and I am sure once you give these shadows a whirl you won't want to live without them !!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

LipGloss and a 'Lil Black Dress ™

Being the makeup artist, junkie, addict if you will I have always found how lipgloss can almost turn you into this Sexpot Diva-Ess, think of oh I don't know Pamela Anderson. Her Lips always look so plump and luscious and it's the shine from the gloss that creates this effect. I had an idea turn ourselves into these sexkittens. Does a lil lipgloss and a lil black dress make us feel maybe a tad bit sexier?

So I asked a few of my best girlfriends to do this experiment with me. Create a mood, slip on a lil black dress , sweep on your favorite shade a gloss and Voila - Let the fireworks begin। I guess it had some amazing effect। 8 out 10 of my girlies were extremely content the next morning , if you get my drift =) Sexiness is all in our minds. What we percieve to be sexy
someone else may not. But that's ok, because that's the BEAUTY of being human and original. I added the black heels to go with my dress and gloss and it worked he was happy and so was I. Life is tooo short to become so serious and uptight about things. Let yourself be free , experiment with your spouse , get creative nothing wrong with wanting to feel a little sexi =) So I dare you all to let your inner sex kitten come out and play ! Sweep on that gloss , take out that fabulous little black dress - slip on those heels and let him/her do the rest!

Much Love ,

Your Diva Goddess of Beauti - E


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