Thursday, March 26, 2009

LipGloss and a 'Lil Black Dress ™

Being the makeup artist, junkie, addict if you will I have always found how lipgloss can almost turn you into this Sexpot Diva-Ess, think of oh I don't know Pamela Anderson. Her Lips always look so plump and luscious and it's the shine from the gloss that creates this effect. I had an idea turn ourselves into these sexkittens. Does a lil lipgloss and a lil black dress make us feel maybe a tad bit sexier?

So I asked a few of my best girlfriends to do this experiment with me. Create a mood, slip on a lil black dress , sweep on your favorite shade a gloss and Voila - Let the fireworks begin। I guess it had some amazing effect। 8 out 10 of my girlies were extremely content the next morning , if you get my drift =) Sexiness is all in our minds. What we percieve to be sexy
someone else may not. But that's ok, because that's the BEAUTY of being human and original. I added the black heels to go with my dress and gloss and it worked he was happy and so was I. Life is tooo short to become so serious and uptight about things. Let yourself be free , experiment with your spouse , get creative nothing wrong with wanting to feel a little sexi =) So I dare you all to let your inner sex kitten come out and play ! Sweep on that gloss , take out that fabulous little black dress - slip on those heels and let him/her do the rest!

Much Love ,

Your Diva Goddess of Beauti - E


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