Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ms.Vegas CherryBomb .....

Product of the Week

NEW !!!! Ms.Vegas CherryBomb Dual Lip & Cheek Stain - $24.95
This perfect gel based stain/tint for lips and cheeks, with a built in felt tip applicator wand. The Menthe side of the tube is perfect on top of the stain and adds minty fresh feeling. Cherry Bomb is a rich colour tint that performs double duty as a lip stain and a cheek flush. A fabulous multi-tasking beauti tool ....

Heavily pigmented, you only need to use it sparingly. It will last all day long! Naturally enriched with soothing Chamomile.

Pro MakeUp Tip : In order for Ms. Vegas to glide on efforstlessly , make sure that your skin is hydrated , no rough , dry or flakey patches. Be sure to apply the cheeks stain over your moisturizer. Pat on to lips for a kissable stain of color. If you have dry lips, apply lip balm about 10 minutes prior to application to avoid stain adhering onto chapped lips. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find MMC Ms. Vegas Cherry Bomb Lip and Cheek Stain will be a staple your make up collection.

You will absolutely fall in love with this product so easy to use and versatile. It makes looking fabulous at the pool or on the beach effortless .....

Flushed and Fabulous Cheeks

For the Sweetest Cheeks Ever 

One of my absolute MUST have beauti products is BLUSH , blush warms up your face , brings a childlike glow to the apples and should be a staple in your beauti baggie of goodies. I am always alternating between a pinky peach or a true pinky blush when summer time hits. It's the best shades to wear  to give your cheeks that naturally sunburnt glow minus the actual sunburn , hehe :) 

MMC Chubbee Cheeks Mineral Blush Glow in Sunset Sunsunrise ( $14.00 ) and The Ultimate Liner in Mythology ($12.50 ).

Much Love . 



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