Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coming Soon : MMC's PoolSide Pretty Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Part 1 : For the FACE .....

..... Let the SUN shine in , please !!!! Enough of this nasty cold weather that makes our skin look dry and patchy. We need the warmth of that glowing sun to revive us.

Summer just got HOTTER , MMC brings you the summer sun essentials. What better way to get that faux glow by doing it the smart way ..... applying bronzer !!!! Yay for bronzer. One of the easiest and simplest ways to look alive , refreshed and give yourself that BRONZE GODDESS allure.

MMC Hot 'n Bothered Sinfully Stunning Duo Bronzer / Blush ( $26.50 )

Heat your cheeks with warm shades of bronze , pink and peach. Use the Bronzer for that perfect summer tan and then the ( warm peachy blush ) for that super sexy glow. Great for a sun-kissed look all year round! Be the poolside beauty you know you are .....

MMC's No Tan Lines Please ! Multi-hued Bronzer ( $26.50 )

You won't need to overexpose yourself to the sun to get these perfect Tan Lines. Four precisely color-coordinated shades to give you that perfect summer glow. The silky powder will add luminosity to any skin tone, while evening out your complexion giving you a that ' I am naturally this beautiful ,flawless, bronzed, healthy finish.
We will be back to show you the rest of our spring / summer collection . Upcoming , for the cheeks , eyes , lips and allovers ....


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