Monday, July 27, 2009

Bathing Beauties : Summer Sunkissed Glow and some Mommi Observations !!!

Is it me , or does summer just make you want to look like a sunkissed bathing beauty ? I know I do !!! Today I took my M3 to the pool for the first time this summer with being so busy , I said to heck with it , make time to take my little angels to the pool and watch them enjoy being a 7 , 6 and 3 1/2 year old play , splash and laugh. The joys of motherhood , reliving your childhood through those crystal pools I call their eyes. What a fantastic time I had with my babies and what a glow it brought back to my skin , I felt rejuvenated just by watching them play !!! And being the glama-mama that I like to be , I so enjoy sun - glamma -ing it up when we go on these outings , not a whole lotta makeup , but I do like to put on some bronzer , give my skin a luminous glow with MMC's Liquid Light in Champagne , sweep on a shimmery beige nude shadow on the lids , line them up with a little black liner and two coats a H20 proof Black mascara , Oh and yes some nude glossy gloss and I am good. It stays on the whole time and I feel a lil Glamorous as well.....

The one thing I have noticed being a mother of 3 is that we cannot lose ourselves in the sheer fact of being a mom , that is not our only title. We are wives, daughters , sisters , friends, nurses , chauffeurs , cooks , maids , handy women , day and party planners , what don't we do or try to take care of. I feel it is our duty not just as moms but as women that we take care of ourselves and teach our daughters as well the importance of wanting to feel good , I mean fantastic about ourselves. We are the creators of their self image , they learn what we show them. Taking pride in our appearances , our mannerisms , the way we deal with people only creates an outlet for them to be our lil mini me's. I want to instill in my children to value themselves as human beings , to share their beautiful personalities with the world, not to fear the world around us , to stand up for themselves when they feel wronged , to never judge a book by it's cover and to never do unto other's as you would do unto you.

I had read a quote by Elvis Presley years ago and it goes a lil something like this , ' Don't criticize what you don't understand son, bc you've never walked in that man's shoes .'

I think this speaks a million times over. I think that as people , it's human nature to want to talk about each other and do the whole gossip thing but it's so unhealthy and unnecessary . Imagine having it done to you . I think we as women should take two steps back and learn to be more accepting of each other , empower each other and not criticize each other for lil flaws or weaknesses that we have, we all have them , right ??? It is so easy for us to knock each other down out of jealousy or envy , do we not have anything better to do than to do this I ask you ?


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