Thursday, May 28, 2009

FaFa- Fabulous Eyes Monster Palette

As a MUA and being on set , on a shoot , dolling up my brides everyone is always asking me , " Where did you get that or where can I get that ? " So I decided to make a palette that has all the essential shades and a few extras in between. 28 shades of neutrals , browns , peaches , plums and a fafa-fabulous matte black to intensify any look. These palettes come in handy I think because having so many single shadows loose can get confusing. Where is my vanilla or where did my matte black go? This way they are all perfectly placed and in color- coordinated form.
Excellent for any MUA , every woman that loves to have all these fabulous shades at her disposal. Who wouldn't want this palette ? It's been a hit so far and I am sure once you give these shadows a whirl you won't want to live without them !!!


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