Monday, July 13, 2009

Channel Your Inner Artist !!!

MakeUp RULES .... What rules ??? What fun would creating something be if you had to follow rules ? I believe the same applies for makeup. Painting your face , playing with color , glamming it out with lashes , apply it by the mood your in , to the outfit your wearing.

Whether you are going for a sultry smokey siren or bronzed island mama look , remember to makeup your own rules !!! Makeup has to be fun , not be taken too seriously. Following the season's trends is great but putting your spin on it makes it that much better.

Go on , get creative with your bold eye popping eyeshadows , liner and pigments , break out that bright fuschia lipgloss you bought and haven't dared to wear , buy some Ardell Wispies and channel that inner artist , your inner DIVA !!!


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