Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beauti Straight out the Fridge-a-dare .... Part 1 Your Tresses !!!

Beauty nowadays can cost you a pretty penny , but it may not have to if you simply look inside your kitchen. The most ancient beauty secrets come straight out of your fridge-a-dare. These are some simple and easy tricks to do to keep your hair , face and body looking young , flawless and fabulous .....

For your HAIR :
Is your tresses feeling a bit crunchy , dead at the ends , lost it's lustre or over -processed ? Well apply these simple beauti tips to your regimen and unlock the secret to gorgeous hair minus chemical treatments.

You will need : An avocado , a towel and a heat lamp or a hair dryer.

Avocado : has essentially fatty acids that are deeply hydrating.

What you need to do : Mash one up , massage it through your locks ( yeah , I know it may seem awfully messy but trust me it works ) wrap your hair up in a towel ( one that you just use when you give yourself these beauty treatments ) and sit under a heat lamp or use a hair dryer for 10 minutes. I don't own a heat lamp but my hairdryer works just as good. After it's been in your hair , jump in the shower and rinse as much as you can out , follow it by using a moisturizing shampoo , I personally love Terax's Miele or Collogene because it lathers beautifully , smells fantastic and keeps your hair feeling clean and lustrous. Follow it by using a moisturizing conditioner as well , which BTW I Love Terax's Crema : If you haven't tried this , you must .... You MUST.


What you will need : EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil ) , a plastic shower cap ( if it's lined , even better ) a towel and a hairclip.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Olive Oil is nature’s moisturizer. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (EVOO), is a great way to add moisture as a pre-shampoo treatment for relaxed and natural African-American hair. It’s also a great way to add some moisture to the scalp during winter months and summer months as well. I use this treatment all year round.I love it. It keeps my hair healthy and restores moisture & shine. Here is a way to moisturize & condition your hair with EVOO.

What you need to do :

1. Get a plastic bottle with a spout & fill up your bottle to use your EVOO specifically for your Beauti Needs.
2. Wrap a towel over you shoulders
3. Using a comb section you hair into four parts , take your olive oil and saturate that section and
4. Hold the ends of your hair and coat with EVOO. Twist ends & secure loosely or against the scalp with clip.
5. Repeat the same steps with remaining three sections of hair.
6.Once your hair is done, place a plastic cap over your head. Wrap head with towel from shoulders to capture heat.
Leave it on for 1-3 hours before your shampoo. I usually leave this on overnight for extra moisture .

Lastly , when you rinse it out , start by rinsing with warm water , then follow by your shampoo , you are going to notice how soft in texture your hair has become. It's so worth it and hope you all will try it out !!!

Stay Tuned for More Beauti Straight out the Fridge-a-dare soon , next TOPIC : FACE !!!

Much Love ,

E xoxo

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